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      Ipsala vocational School was founded in 2002-2003 term being bound to Trakya University Rectorate. Prof. Dr. Serap Dalgıç, Founder Manager of vocational school, founded the school with her devoted efforts and contributed a lot for the development of school. Moreover, local government units, officials and citizens of city supported a lot for the development of school. The school started education with 59 students in Customs Management and Industrial Electronics programmes in 2003-2004 academic year.Later on, Foreign Trade programme started education with 30 quota in 2005-2006 academic year.

      In Ipsala Vocational School, in which associate’s level of education is provided, education is held with 2 Assistant Docent, 12 lecturer, 1 instructor, lecturers coming from other departments of our university, lecturers from the institutions such as Ministry of Education, Customs Office and other organizations.There are 4 administrative personel in our school. Our vocational school’s mission is to provide qualified work force equipped with advanced level of computer skills, suited to the innovations in technology, appropriate for the basic needs of society and organizations and to generate knowledge at global scale, to expand the scientific horizons of Turkiye and to educate individuals who will ensure the dominance of contemporary science and technology in the development of the society and the area where the school is located. As Ipsala Vocational School is carrying out this mission, it adopts the vision to accomplish the development of individuals being bound to Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, experts in their area, dominant in computer skills, technology and informatics world, with its valuable education programmes. Graduates of Vocational School have the right to attend the related departments of faculties for graduate education via taking DGS (Vertical Transfer Examination).
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