Foreign Trade


Foreign Trade

The Meaning and Scope of Foreign Trade

The concept of foreign trade, in its simplest form, comprises the export and import transactions of the firms in a country in international markets. Within the foreign trade sector, there are many different institutions, including the consultancy agencies that mediate foreign trade transactions, banks providing credit and guarantor services, logistics companies, storage facility enterprises, Foreign Trade Undersecretariat which oversees foreign trade transactions, various exporters and importers associations and customs directorates. This variety offers a wide range of business activities to the industry and creates a wide range of business opportunities for qualified professionals.

With the globalization process and the abolition of trade borders between countries, the level of competition among the firms has moved to an international level and reached very intense levels. With the ever-increasing competition, companies are looking for new markets where they can buy and sell products in more favorable conditions in order to stand out in the competition and this has led to a wider expansion of the foreign trade sector with each passing year. As a matter of fact, also in our country, new records are broken in both import and export numbers with every new year, and the need of expert personnel in foreign trade is increasing in this direction every year.

Purpose of the Program

Foreign Trade Associate Degree program aims to educate qualified professionals who have acquired the necessary professional competencies in line with the scientific and technological developments in the field of import and export.

Experience and Infrastructure of our Foreign Trade Program

The program, which was established under the name of Customs Management Program in 2003-2004 academic year, was renamed as Foreign Trade Program by changing the name in accordance with the regulations of YÖK.

In our program, there is an adequate number of lecturers who have sector knowledge and experience in the field of foreign trade, who are experienced and produce books and articles. Evrim Package Program software, which is used in import and export customs declarations in foreign trade sector, is available in our computer laboratory and is taught to our students as a compulsory course by our expert lecturer.

There is a close cooperation between Ipsala Border Customs Directorate and our school in Ipsala. The personnel at the Customs Directorate are involved in various courses within our program and by this way, introducing students to the customs operation, supporting their knowledge about practice and expanding their perspectives. In the same way, Ipsala Customs Directorate also offers internship opportunities in certain quota places and our students can find the opportunity to reinforce their theoretical knowledge practically.

Earnings Gained by Our Foreign Trade Education

Our primary principle is to graduate our students with enough level of professional knowledge, foreign language and good manner that enables them to find a job and work in the companies and organizations mentioned above, in the foreign trade sector. For this purpose, in addition to English and Professional English courses in theoretical level, there is also a Verbal Communication in Foreign Language course which is based on practice and aims to increase the ability of our students to speak English. In addition, there is an optional prep class for our students who like to prefer, which means our students can take one year of English education if they want and then move on to program courses.

Another important point is that, as mentioned above, in their training processes, our students are also learning about the Evrim Package Program software, which is frequently used in customs consultancy for import and export customs declaration, that enables our students to become more qualified members ready for the sector in their educational lives. In addition, the existing cooperation between our school and Ipsala Border Customs allows our students to have detailed information about the customs offices and also offers internships and job opportunities for our students who prefer to work in customs directorates in their career planning.

Business Opportunities of Foreign Trade Graduates

Our foreign trade program graduates can work in national and international companies, logistics companies, customs consultancy, related departments of various banks in the private sector; as well as customs offices or in similar customs agencies in public sector.

In addition, Vertical Transition occasions to complete education to 4 years is also available for students who would like to wish.

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