Program Objective

 The objective of Program in Jurisprudence is to train paralegal staff furnished with lifelong-learning and self-learning skills. Based on fundamental concepts of law and legal methodology, the program aims to enable learners to solve simple legal problems, adopt essential principles such as democracy, laicism, social state and rule of law, and develop awareness of honesty, justice and ethics, as required by the field of law.


Course Offerings

 Information on course offerings in the Program in Jurisprudence is available at



Examinations and Assessment

 Assessment is based on the “Vocational School Education and Examination Regulation at Trakya University”.


Graduation Requirements

 In order to graduate from the program, a student is required to successfully complete the designated program of courses, get minimum 120 ECTS credits in total, and have no FF or DZ grades.

 Students that meet the graduation requirements are granted “Associate Degree in Justice “from the İpsala vocational school of  Trakya university.


Transfer Opportunities

 Graduates of the program are required to take the Vertical Transfer Examination from Associate to Undergraduate Degree Programs (DGS) held by the Evaluation, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in order to transfer to an on-campus or open education undergraduate program. Information on application requirements, programs, quotas, admission procedures, exam, assessment and placement is announced every year in the DGS guide.


Employment Opportunities

 Graduates of the Program in Jurisprudence are employed as paralegal staff in the Ministry of Justice, as well as in any other related institution.

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