It is a fact that agricultural sector employees are known to be in need of knowledge about agricultural products, cultivation of these products, problems encountered during their cultivation, knowledge of diseases and pests and proposing solutions. In this program, it is aimed to teach agricultural laboratory techniques, introducing instruments and devices to be used in analysis and gaining the skill of working in laboratory. Also; soil, water, plant, food, feed analysis and plant protection techniques can determine the method, can be applied to analyze and evaluate the analysis of the intermediate element is also intended to be trained.

Laboratory Technology Program graduates

They can work in related departments of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Ministry (Agricultural Laboratories, Plant Laboratories, Food Laboratories, Chemistry Laboratories), Food Quality Control Departments, relevant units of Soil Products Office, Laboratories under the Undersecretariat of Customs, Environment and Forestry Directorates and laboratories in the related laboratories of universities. . Graduates can also work in related laboratories in the private sector.

Graduates' Degree and Title

Associate Degree Technician

Access to this Program

Anadolu Vocational, Vocational High Schools Chemistry Vocational High Schools, Multi-Program High School students can come with the choice of pass without examination, or students of flat high schools can also be entered by the YGS 2 exam made by ÖSYM.

Score Type and Quota

Since the courses of the program are sub-structure of science and mathematics, students take numerical points. The laboratory technology program was established by Y.Ö.K. It completely fills the teaching quota. Each year, 35-40 students are given a quota and filled in by students.

Program; Anadolu Vocational, Vocational High Schools, Chemistry Vocational High Schools, Multi-Program High School students can come with the choice of pass without exam, as well as students of flat high schools can also be entered with the YGS 2 exam made by ÖSYM.

Job Opportunities of Graduates

The graduates of the Agricultural Laboratory Technology program have the title of Agricultural Laboratory Technology Professionals and can work as a technician in Alumni Agricultural Laboratories. The graduates are also employed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and in the departments of the Ministry, Rural Affairs, State Hydraulic Works, Agricultural Research Institutes, Agricultural Province Control Laboratories, Food Control Laboratories, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Plant Protection Institutes, Soil-water-plant, fertilizer analysis. laboratories, all kinds of food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural input-producing factories, laboratories established within the municipality, in the relevant department laboratories of the university, in the factories established in food factories in food factories and can work in their own private laboratories.

Education Infrastructure and Facilities of the Program

Computer laboratory, soil, water, plants, food, feed and chemical analysis to have enough infrastructure and infrastructure to do the program.

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