Objectives Of The Program

Logisticsprogram aims to educate intermediate level managers of the sector.Graduates are going to be employed in different industries such as concerned departments oflogistics companies.Purchasing, marketing, logisticsand foreign tradedepartmentsin various industries, port managementsof companies,different positions in tourism sector etc.

SuggestionsTo The Candidates

İf you are: good in human relations, dynamic, enjoyto travel, open to innovations you are best for this program.  Also thisis the ideal programfor those who haveinterest inforeign language(s).
Because of its professional academic staff and İpsala’s geographical location Vocational School Of İpsala is the best alternative for education of logistics. İt is only 5 km. away from EU and Greece. Students ableto observe the transportation activities of logistics firms from school’s window easily.
İpsala Vocational School is equipped with modern and social facilities to serve its students. Our mission is to prepare new generations to the competitive world.

Diploma and Post Graduate Job Opportunities, Fields of Study

Graduates have the opportunity to work as intermediate staff, assistant manager or middle-level manager in the relevant departments of logistics and cargo companies, in the purchasing, marketing, logistics and foreign trade departments of national and international enterprises, in the relevant departments of port enterprises, and in various size tourism companies. They can also work as public personnel in units affiliated with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Customs and Trade. Graduates who want to continue their education have the chance to reach license degree by passing into related programmes with the Vertical Transfer Exam.

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