Based on machinery, electronics, software and control engineering; It is a very controlled engineering branch. It is composed of mechanical and electronic components. It also detects the data from the environment with the help of sensors (sensors) and interprets these data through control equipment (microprocessors, etc.) all machines, devices and systems that provide the necessary responses are mechatronic systems. (Mechatronics Program - Department of Mechatronics)

Automatic machines (ie mechatronic systems) that can detect, measure, make decisions and act in the direction of this decision are used in defense industry, security systems, machinery industry, industrial automation systems, medicine, agriculture, banking, mining and many other areas. . (Mechatronics Program - Department of Mechatronics)

Night vision systems, mines scanning robots, automatic storage systems, cameras, video, washing machines, dishwashers, cash dispensers and products are common mechatronic systems.
In our school, it is aimed to educate people who will meet the needs of the industry on these systems (Mechatronics Program - Mechatronics Department).

GRADUATES (Mechatronics Program - Department of Mechatronics)

Those who successfully complete the Mechatronics Program are awarded with the Associate's degree diploma and the title of lisans Mechatronics Technician Mek. As a result of the prepared curriculum and the activities carried out, it is aimed that the students will be able to use the current production technologies effectively, and make maintenance and repairs. In this respect, the graduates will specialize in each vocational course they have taken, in both public and private sectors; technical services, maintenance-repair units, electrical-electronic and mechanical assembly and disassembly works, microcontroller programming, electrical-electronics and machine tool manufacturing factories, electronic design offices, control and control systems, PLC programming, pneumatic-hydraulic systems and robotic fields They can build their own business.

Students who have completed the Mechatronics Program, if they are successful in the Vertical Transition Exam opened by ÖSYM;

    Electrical engineering
    Electrical engineering
    Electronic Engineering
    the elektronikvehaberleşmemühendislig
    Manufacturing engineering
    the kontrolmühendislig
    Mechanical engineering
    Mechatronic Engineering
    the uzaymühendislig

They can switch to undergraduate programs vertically.
- Works in the production of designed projects.
- Makes researches, examinations and measurements for the development of smart devices,
- Makes installation, disassembly, testing, service, maintenance and control of mechatronic systems (electro-mechanical devices),
- It provides the elimination of mechanical and electronic faults,
- Mechatronics, machinery and electronics help engineers.
- It ensures the efficient operation of the instruments by making calibrations, measurement and adjustment in the area of ​​responsibility.


- PLC (programmable logic controller) device,
- Computer and computerized machines,
- Tools used for machinery and electrical-electronic tools (Oscilloscope, avometer, quince, solder etc.)
- General tools and equipment in the workshop.
- Electronic circuit elements such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, transformers,
- Power Supplies.


Mechatronics Technician who wants to be;
* With numerical ability,
* Interested in mathematics and science, especially physics,
* Ability to see the relationship between shape and space, drawing ability,
* Careful, able to detect details, design power is strong,
* Mechanical ability, working with electronic machines,
* Patient, responsible,
* Open to cooperation and innovations,
* There are no excessive defects in the eyes,
* Ability to perceive, to make decisions and to analyze with numbers and symbols
(Mechatronics Program - Department of Mechatronics)


They work in the establishments operating in the production, maintenance, repair and operation of mechanical and electronic devices. The working environment is closed and noisy from time to time. Communicates with the clients and the customers (Mechatronics Program - Mechatronics Department)


Mechatronics technicians work as technical staff in public and private institutions. Especially in today's rapidly developing computerized machines, they have the chance to work in private sector, industry and workshops. Mechatronics technicians can open their own workplaces related to their fields of activity.


The education of this department is given in the Mechatronics associate degree program of vocational schools of various universities. 


Graduates of Vocational High Schools who graduated from the related fields such as Computerized Numerical Control (CNC), Ship Machinery, Industrial Mechanics, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology, Construction Machinery, Construction Machinery Maintenance and Repair, Construction Machinery Operations, Mold, Molding, Garment Machinery Maintenance and Repair, Machinery, , Metallurgy, Metallurgy (Iron-steel metallurgy), Microtechnics, Numerically controlled machines (CNC), Leveling, Industrial Automation Technology (Mechanics), Mechatronics can apply for the "Mechatronics" associate degree program without examination. They can be placed in the program if they meet the required specifications. 

Those who graduate from departments other than the departments specified for transition without vocational high schools or general high schools will be able to be placed in programs open to additional placement according to their wishes and YKS scores. In order to achieve this, they must enter the YKS examination and take the required degree from the exam.


Training period is 2 years. For the content of the courses, see the Program courses page.


After vocational training, those working in the private or public sector can become the department chief in the administrative staff and if they become successful, they may become a manager. If they become successful in the "Vertical Transfer Exam" held by ÖSYM, they can make vertical transfer to undergraduate programs such as "Computer and Control Teaching, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Teaching, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Teaching, Electronic and Computer Teaching, Electronic and Communication Engineering, , Electronic and Communication Education, Industrial Technology Education, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Design and Construction Education, Space Engineering ". 


Students can benefit from the loan and dormitory services during their vocational education provided by the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. Also, during the training period, there may be a certain fee opportunity depending on the business situation and the agreement. Those who will work in the public sector have the opportunity to work as civil servants, contracts or temporary status. Civil servants start their duties in the technical services class with the 1st level of the 10th degree. Salaries are determined each year according to the budget law. In the private sector and those who set up their own business, the wages vary according to the position of the business and the size of the business. Those with a good foreign language and good technical practice have a better chance of getting paid in the private sector. 

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